2 Responses to “Okinawan Beauty Parlor ca. 1951”

  1. Allee Willis

    I love all beauty and barber shop signs, especially when they’re hand-painted like this. The spelling of Beutaful Palar makes it even more beautiful.

    Was this just a little shed that was in front of the actual hair salon that they tacked the sign up on? In my fantasy there’s a spectacular beautician’s chair inside the shed and that’s where hair miracles occur.

    • Bob Ramsdell

      I am pretty sure that the door was into a real beauty parlor. At the time, Nago was the second most populace city on Okinawa. Population in 2007 was 55,000. I have also been to the Teahouse of the August Moon but unfortunately, didn’t take a picture. I have a lot of pictures taken on Okinawa and when I was sent to Japan for a special supply school.
      Allee, I will be sure and watch your University of Wisconsin gig.
      Bob Ramsdell, Albany, Oregon