Teapot Ronnie

Submitted by pattihaskins October 6th, 2010
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Ronnie Reagan the teapot. Made by Hall China in the late seventies, early eighties. My family is from Youngstown, Ohio and my mother made frequent trips to the Hall China factory in East Liverpool, Ohio. One year when I was back at home visiting, I spied Ronnie on a shelf in the basement. He’s been with me ever since.

5 Responses to “Teapot Ronnie”

  1. Allee Willis

    Wow! Despite being a staunch Democrat I still have no idea how I missed something like this. Especially when it was made by a company like Hall. Do you know if Reagan was the only political figure who got his own teapot from Hall?

    The detail is quite extraordinary. But what’s even more extraordinary is the quality of your photos. I always love when I can really see things in great detail. Love that fabric in back or whatever it is. It sets off Ronnie really well.

    Would love to see more of your collection if this is any indication of what lies within.

  2. pattihaskins

    Allee, I am a Big D Democrat myself, that’s why I thought the Ronnie was funny and had to have him. I think Hall made them after the original British maker stopped making them. Here’s all I can find about the original British maker. I don’t know if Hall made more than Ronnie. http://www.thistlewoods.net/Politicals.html Thanks for your nice words regarding my photos. That is indeed fabric. And as far as the rest of my collection goes, it is mostly Mexican folk art, not a lot of kitsch. Smattering of Elvis stuff and rock n’ roll oddities. Maybe some James Brown packaged cookies. I’ll see what else I can photograph to share with you.

  3. Nessa

    I don’t live far from East Liverpool and my parents are big Hall collectors, so we made more than a few treks to the factory outlet when I was a kid. I’ve seen this before, but my family are huge Democrats and would definitely never let this in the house, haha. I agree it is awesome, though. I’m not sure if Hall ever immortalized anybody else in teapot form, but I think this is probably the only one.. I’d have to check some of those old price guides/ID books my parents have laying around.