Wazee Lounge and Supper Club

Submitted by Markydoodle October 20th, 2010

“The Wazee” has been a fixture in Denver since 1974. Before it was a restaurant, it was a plumbing supply company. Built in 1910. I think it’s great when a place is called a “supper club.”

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  1. Mark Milligan

    As the Wazee Supper Club it’s only been about 30 years. 25 years ago I would go with my cronies and drink beer and eat pizza about once a month there. They still have good pizza, had some their last December.

    They did tear down the viaduct that mostly hid the building those days, Denver did a good job of preserving a lot of their old buildings in what has become known as “LODO,” which is short for Lower Downtown. Here’s a link that shows the viaduct that hid it back in the day: http://denverphotoarchives.com/blog/2010/october.html#15th_Street_Viaduct