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Non-Planters Peanut Planter

Submitted by Douglas Wood October 21st, 2010
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This is a vintage ceramic planter (or nut/candy dish) that’s shaped like a peanut.

But unlike many other such items, this planter wasn’t made by Planters but by “Lucille of California.” If I’m not mistaken, this address looks like it was close to Willis Wonderland, no? I Googled it, but came up with nothing, so maybe it wasn’t around for very long.

Here it is, holding its own namesake legume:

6 Responses to “Non-Planters Peanut Planter”

  1. Allee Willis

    The only thing I love more than this planter itself is the name of the manufacturer, Lucille of California.

    North Hollywood, where this was made, used to have a lot of small businesses like this that made things from molds. Those, like the thrift shops and junkyards that surrounded it, are mostly gone.

    I would kill to see some of Lucille’s other designs. I love that her label appears to just be a piece of paper glued onto the bottom of the planter.

    I would only allow peanuts in the shell to be kept in here, as you have so beautifully displayed. The only intruder I would consider would be orange marshmallow peanuts.

  2. MyFunCloset

    Yes, aka Circus peanuts. I like mine fresh and soft, though I really try to stay far, very far away from them. A bag doesn’t last too long around here.

  3. denny

    Yes! Orange marshmallow peanuts are the best just like this planter! I love this and would be using it for all sorts of things, mainly candy. I wonder what is at 5232 Laurel Canyon now?