DOG LAND – Incredible vintage post card!!!

Submitted by denny October 24th, 2010
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I came across “DOG LAND” while searching for old post cards. This makes me absolutely nuts. The Kentucky Fried Chicken, the signs, the car, the dogs……Please see the following information and if you ever get to DOG LAND, you have to share your experience here at


A roadside attraction in Chiefland, Florida—an exhibit of live dogs. Next door is a Kentucky Fried Chicken. The buildings adjoin each other. The description on the back indicates that both businesses have the same ownership.

The implications of this are extremely disturbing to me.

Description on the verso is a little long, but well worth it:
The only permanent “dog exhibition” in the world where dog lovers can see a good representative of practically every breed of dog in the United States and five foreign countries.
Each dog has his own individual house and adjoining run built to resemble a motel. Each dog has a dry room, for wet or cold weather, and sun porch for sunny days.
We have the most widely assorted gift shop in Florida for doggie items and personalized objects. We have also ceramics and cement cast objects for your garden.
Everyone who tastes our Col. Sanders Kentucky Fried Chicken raves about it. We invite you to try it.

3 Responses to “DOG LAND – Incredible vintage post card!!!”

  1. Allee Willis

    i love the concept here, one of every breed on display in its own motel room. FANTASTIC!!

    My favorite thing though is Dog Land’s boast that “Everyone who tastes our Col. Sanders Kentucky Fried Chicken raves about it.”. I knew there was a difference in dogs from breed to breed but didn’t know that legs and thighs differed amongst all the Col’s places.

  2. denny

    Your commentary almost made me spit! I couldn’t help die from laughter when finding this one. I wonder if the colonel was there for the opening?