3 Responses to “Saguaro Jack-o’-lantern”

  1. Allee Willis

    I love pumpkins. I hate carving them but so like the route that you took with the plug-in. Or wait, is it a plug in? I thought the green thing on top was a socket but now I think that maybe it’s just the pumpkin top. But now I see the little legs on the bottom so I’m going back to my original vote of plug-in.

    That saguaro is so completely perfect for you. I’ve never seen one of them in LA. They’re probably all over the stores in Tucson though, right? They got the pumpkin orange down perfectly.

  2. Michael Ely

    Yes, it is indeed a plug-in. Only place I’ve seen them for sale is at one market chain here in Tucson. Also have a ceramic / terra-cotta pumpkin with a craved face, but will save it for next Halloween. One of my favorite things about being in Tucson is not Halloween, but the All Saints Procession that takes place the first Saturday evening of November. It is the most incredible parade I’ve ever seen, hundreds of people dressed in day-of-the-dead attire and marching slowly thru downtown to the sounds of pagan-like drums and flutes, with huge masks and giant puppets and signs and wreaths honoring lost family and friends along with homemade floats of all kinds. It is eerie and beautiful and sacred all at once and amazing to watch….or you yourself can participate (everyone is welcome….including pet dogs). The really cool part is that this was started by the people for the people (and the city has nothing to do with it except for blocking off traffic). These photos will give you an idea – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96zJ5i2qUQw