Original candle vase with ARRANGE-O-DISCS (year unknown)

Submitted by denny November 7th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

I’m not sure how these are supposed to work and initially grabbed these for the wonderful cover art on the box. The small ring with the holes actually comes off but I am not sure why? I don’t always study my kitsch like I should.

Arrange-o-discs! Here’s where it tells us how these things work.

It’s so easy and that is why this is going to end up in the archives at Willis Wonderland.

It could be used a little toothbrush holder?

6 Responses to “Original candle vase with ARRANGE-O-DISCS (year unknown)”

  1. Allee Willis

    Well, I have absolutely no idea how those disks could be arranged differently but the artwork on the box is so completely superb, who cares? The concept of candle wax dripping down on flowers is kind of out there to begin with, though it’s pretty ingenious that you fill the little plastic vase with water and slide it down over the candle.

    I especially like the instruction that tells you you have to blow the candle out if it gets within 1 inch of the vase or the vase will melt. Seems like that would have been a little better thought out as I’d hate to have to rely on a timer to tell me when to blow my candle out. One way or another, this is an excellent gadget and I would be proud to set something on fire here at Willis Wonderland.

    Crazy that there’s no year in the box but I’d put money down that it’s 1950s from the design.

  2. denny

    Holy cow! I missed the best part! On the bottom of this fabulous box it reads: CANDLE VASE INC. Detroit 4, Michigan. No date to be found.

    • Allee Willis

      Maybe you should come to Detroit in April when The Color Purple is there. I’ll be there and might even conduct the marching band of my high school playing my greatest hits in the lobby of the theater.