6 Responses to “Muffler Car”

  1. Allee Willis

    I’m completely crazy about this car. I would drive it in 2 seconds flat. I always love customized cars but the handcrafted ones like this make me swoon extra hard.A

    Do you have any idea what the actual car underneath was? It almost looks like it was built on top of a boat. And do you have any idea if this car is still around?

  2. Bob Ramsdell

    I am pretty sure that the car is still there. A friend of mine was there in Paradise about 3 months ago and it was there. It is always in the annual 4th of July parade. Next time I go down there, I will check with the owner and see what car is underneath. At one time in the same town, a friend of my nephew’s had a small car museum. He had sold his formula for crunchy granola to Quaker Oats for 6 million dollars and liked to work on cars. In the museum he had Hitler’s Maybach 4 door convertible, Gloria Swanson’s 1920 Isotta Franchini and Martin Bormann’s one of a kind Mercedes Benz which he used to escape across Switzerland, France and then to South America.

      • Bob Ramsdell

        The car museum isn’t there anymore. The owner died s few years go. I have been in contact with his son and he thinks his sister may have pictures of each car. I would like to find out who they were sold to, especially Bormann’s Mercedes Benz Alpine Racer.

        Can more than one picture be put on a submittal? I also have a picture of the back of the car.

        Bob Ramsdell, Albany Oregon

        • Allee Willis

          Yes, more than one photo can be submitted in each post. This post has two. And isn’t that the back of the car in the second photo? I LOVE THIS CAR. It’s the perfect hand made car body.

  3. Kyle Dayton

    Even if I were stuck in the worst possible traffic jam, seeing a car like that would certainly alleviate the tension. I’ll bet that it could drastically curb road rage, too. We need plenty like it on the freeways here in Arizona. It’s just as creative as Muffler Man, but a lot more original.