Chalkware Kitsch Kats

Submitted by Nessa November 9th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

It’s getting colder here now, it even snowed this past weekend, so the yard sales and outdoor flea markets are winding down a little. I picked up these chalkware cats on my last big flea outing of the season. They were only $3 for the pair. I love them, though I kind of wish they were mirrored instead of both facing the same direction.

The paint is sloppy but perfect… they look great on the wall!

8 Responses to “Chalkware Kitsch Kats”

  1. Allee Willis

    I love that shade of green. It always makes vintage things look even more vintage. I also always prefer these things to be hand-painted as opposed to machine done.

    I agree with you that these would have been better mirrored but the crafts person who did this probably only had one mold to work from.

    I really love how the bow is painted. I would’ve got those edges with a Q-tip so they wouldn’t have bled over into the green skin but then that’s one thing that makes me love these two kitties so much.

    I must say that one of the many things I enjoy about living in a climate that’s warm all year round is that the flea markets and garage sales never end.

    • Nessa

      Thank you! The coming winter makes for disappointing kitsch-hunting, but at least I know a few indoor flea markets. I actually did hit a yard sale today despite the chill in the air and frost on the grass, and found the most fantastic owl clock that you all are just going to love.

      I really like these kitties, too! The color is just my type of thing.

  2. Mark Milligan

    My grandparents lived on a farm, and when I would visit them, I was always intrigued by the farm cats. I took a mouse out of one’s mouth once, and the mouse bit me. So I gave it back to the cat. Anyway, they could not come inside. Grandma fixed Grandpa pancakes every day, and the leftovers would go to the outside cats. About dawn, they’d start to sit on the outside window sill to the big kitchen windows and watch her to see how far along she was in the process. They looked exactly like these kitties, which seem to both be peering at somthing with sensational intensity.

  3. k2dtw

    LOVE these so much, so sweet…
    Here in MI we have a week of 55-60 temps in the forecast, which is a gift…smile
    Nessa, saw on your site the 2009 MI images. Were you visiting family/friends???…were the images for work or school????..
    That was heartbreaking when our beloved Tiger Stadium came down, so many exciting hours spent on that corner of Michigan and Trumbull…sigh..

    • Nessa

      Yeah, I have been up around Michigan and Detroit several times road-tripping around, besides hunting kitsch, my favorite thing to do, and better if you can combine road-tripping and kitsch hunting into one!

      I was very sad to see Tiger Stadium demolished, I do love a good baseball game, and it was such a historic place. It seemed entirely unnecessary to tear it down, but I felt lucky to get there to take some shots before it was gone.