COASTER set with little leather carrying case

Submitted by denny November 9th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

I love this and have a special fondness for anything “little” and “kitschy”. This is a full set of coasters that I found at the Salvation Army, the stinky store I usually avoid. What kills me are the handles. Is the perfect hostess really supposed to carry this around her cocktail party, offering her party guests their own personal coaster? I think I might use this for my camera or cell phone. I’m not sure where this set will end up.

Who doesn’t need handles on their coaster set? I have no idea the year this was made.

Cocktail hour?

3 Responses to “COASTER set with little leather carrying case”

  1. denny

    It’s funny Allee, when I see stuff like this, I almost plotz right there in the store.

    They are around here somewhere and will be in the “A” box. I have s*** scattered everywhere.