Shell House Dartmouth Devon UK

Submitted by shirlie williams November 24th, 2010
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I have no information on this splendid facade other than it is in a very quiet street in Dartmouth, South Devon, its away from the main road and I found it when taking a short cut to a flat we were staying at. I want to know more so on my next visit I will see if I can chat to the owners.

6 Responses to “Shell House Dartmouth Devon UK”

  1. Allee Willis

    Wow! Now that’s some crafts project! So every single thing on it is shells? No rocks or anything else like that? Would love to get more info if you ever bump into anyone who knows more about it. Beautiful!

  2. shirlie williams

    Douglas, we do have some tropical palms in the south of England, but as you can see from the ones in the picture they are not particularly lush, because this winter was so harsh I lost all of mine.
    I have booked to go down to the flat near the shell house in May so I may just go knock on their door !!