Kitschy Tiny T-V Time

Submitted by Nessa November 27th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s how ugly modern TVs are, ugh, they’re hideous! I haven’t been lucky enough to have a vintage television (yet), but I do have this great Salt & Pepper set! In its box! Woo!

Tiny T-V!

Salt and pepper and photo-holder! (patent pending) Note funny cartoon baby on the screen as the “photo.’ I also love the totally vintage texture of this box… it looks like my grandparents’ wallpaper.

Here it is! I think it’s lovely. Turn the knob and the S&P pops up… you can put a photo in the screen but it doesn’t look very good when you do.

Turn your flavor on or off. Complete with faux wood-grain!

Instructions, just in case you were confused.

MA! The T-V’s broken again!!!!

A photo of the interior mechanism so you can see how it works!

9 Responses to “Kitschy Tiny T-V Time”

  1. Allee Willis

    Thank God I own three of these, two of which are in boxes, or I’d be hitting the jealous button so hard now I can’t tell you. Here’s mine:

    The greatest thing about these is turning the dial and watching the little containers pop-up. I have hundreds and hundreds of sets of vintage S&P’s and at least 70% of the time this is the one that people grab for.

    Aas always, I love your thorough documentation!

  2. Douglas Wood

    I don’t have one of these, so I’m hitting both (Nessa’s and Allee’s) “jealous buttons.” But I have to say, I’m shocked and disappointed that neither of you have inserted a photo into the screen as the instructions suggest. I think you both owe it to AWMoK fans to each insert one (preferably something vintage) and re-post.

    • Nessa

      I did actually try to insert one, but everything I considered on the spur-of-the-moment either didn’t look “period”, or just didn’t fit the frame. Also I was afraid of damaging it, because anything thicker than a whispy-thin see-through magazine page seems to risk breaking the thing.

  3. MyFunCloset

    What an absolute treat! Everything about this S&P combo is a slice of what TV was all about in the 50s…and a photo frame too. Does it get any better?