What is this? A Turkey! … No, It’s a CAKE!!

Submitted by Sfarber1203 November 27th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

This is my first “Turkey Cake.” It is made of two circle cakes hand carved into the shape of a turkey. The legs are cereal treats that I shaped to look like legs and the wings are fondant and the bones as well. The cake is vanilla pound cake, with Italian Buttercream and Chocolate Ganache. It is covered in a pale brown fondant and then painted brown orange and black (with of course food coloring). After that it still looked for lack of a better word “under cooked” so I made a “seasoning” (ground cinnamon, brown sugar, and cinnamon sugar), and seasoned it like you would a normal turkey. I then took a torch and just caramelized it a little to give it that extra “cooked” look. This was my first attempt at a Turkey cake and only the 5th cake I have every made with fondant. I didnt look at any pictures or tutorials on how to do this either.Hope you enjoy !

5 Responses to “What is this? A Turkey! … No, It’s a CAKE!!”

  1. Allee Willis

    This turkey cake is perfect!! I absolutely love the drumsticks, especially with those fancy little paper things at the end. Love the green leafy stuff underneath setting it off. The seasoning is the perfect touch too. It totally looks real and I rarely think that these kind of cakes look real.

    When you say cereal treats what exactly is that? Do you mean something like rice crispy treats?

    Was this something you made special for Thanksgiving? I would’ve loved to bring that to my soul food Thanksgiving I went to in LA.

  2. Sfarber1203

    yes a rice crispy treat thats exactly what i mean very easy to use and mold for things that just cannot be made out of cake!

    I made this for a harvest festival and it was put on display then donated to a homeless shelter for their thanksgiving meal.

    Thanks so much glad you liked it.