Behind the 8 Ball Card Game – 1969

Submitted by Douglas Wood November 29th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

The best thing about this 8 Ball card game is the photo on the cover. I love that the whole family got all dressed up to play it together. It’s bad enough that dad’s wearing a jacket and tie, but how many 9 year old boys wear sports jackets to play a game in their own home? And the year is 1969, so while this formal little game is going on, everybody else is dropping acid, protesting the war and having indiscriminate sex.

Dig the graphics on the board:

The 8 Ball in this set no longer works, but when you turn it around, it apparently is supposed to reveal a card hand that you have to beat. The larger stack is a regular 52-card deck; the smaller one has numbers that determine how many spaces you can move on the board.

One Response to “Behind the 8 Ball Card Game – 1969”

  1. Allee Willis

    Every single aspect of this is beautiful. Excellent color palette going on throughout, especially in the photo. With the exception of the green behind the title of the game and 8-ball logo, every color in the photo echoes the colors of the game board. At first I thought the photo was missing orange but then I noticed the color of daddy’s face so all is consistent.

    Love your comments about the sports jackets and I also have to add that mom’s hair helmet is exceptionally large for 1969. I’d have to say though that my absolute favorite thing is the plastic brick wall behind them. And maybe the plastic plant.