Gum Parker

Submitted by Nessa December 2nd, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

A gift brought home from a business trip when I was a kid, this Gum Parker has been with me a long time. I used it a few times before figuring out that gum that has been “parked” is definitely not worth chewing.

In my hand so you can see the size.

7 Responses to “Gum Parker”

  1. Allee Willis

    Really cute! I love gum catchers though I agree that I would rarely think about putting it back in my mouth once the gum is parked.

    That face is killing me. I love all the uses of the straight lines.

    I have three or four gumcatchers. Here are two of my favorites: and–-gum-shoe-gum-catcher-3/

  2. k2dtw

    Nessa, did you see the “windupkitty”… “Dozen Eggs at Once” post??? Wondering if the infamous “Casper” Cat looks like your “Gum Parker” kitty???….LOL..

  3. kasyg3

    I cannot believe my eyes! I was just telling my 9 year old son about the gum parker that I had when I was a child as I was peeling his gum off the dresser. I decided to do a google search to see if they were still in existence, and found your site. I had the exact same kitty cat gum parker back in 1980! Wish I still did!