Motion Lamps

Submitted by Michael Ely December 3rd, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

I have always loved motion lamps beginning with the lamps made in the 1950’s by Econolite and L. A. Goodman, lamps featuring waterfalls and forest fires and moving trains. The lamps consist of an outer picture shade and an inside spinner which rotates due to the heat of a light bulb thus causing the illusion of movement. The lamps in these photos were produced in the early 1990’s by Visual Effects and captured the feel of their earlier predecessors. Like the older lamps, they are no longer being manufactured, but you can occasionally come across them on ebay. My favorite is the old time ships at sea in a rainstorm.

2 Responses to “Motion Lamps”

  1. Allee Willis

    Nice repro versions. Trains, boats and waterfalls-all excellent candidates for motion.

    I have a bunch of motion lamps, mostly of psychedelic late 60’s/ early 70’s origin. There’s nothing better than a room full of motion lamps! I also love lighted signs that move and have a bunch of those. You can never go wrong with waterfalls, city lights and rainfalls.

    I think we need a closer look at that lighthouse next to the lamp in the bottom photo as well is that little house thing next to that. And what’s the light up thing in the second photo? And now that I’m looking at all the photos I’m curious about just about everything in them, like what that vase is that says California on it and what the cow or bull poking into the frame is.

    • Michael Ely

      The lighthouse and tiki shack are old aquarium decorations. The light up thing is a really cool piece of folk art (that I will share in the future). The vase is a super rare piece of 1950’s Tepco cowboy china. The cow head is part of a vintage Breyer cow made of cellulose acetate.