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The Click Kids “Jesus Is A Soul Man” – inspirational LP

Submitted by denny December 4th, 2010
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I think that is Jesus playing the drums. What I love about this lp cover more than the band is the incredible moving van they painted to advertise the title of their stunning album.

9 Responses to “The Click Kids “Jesus Is A Soul Man” – inspirational LP”

  1. Allee Willis

    I love that the stage is on top of a van and hangs off over the side. I love the handlettering. I love the cloud that Jesus is a soul man is written in. It looks like some sort of bacteria. Best of all though are the two different spellings of the group name-Click Kids on the top of the LP cover and ClicKids on the door of the van.

  2. denny

    K2 – I love it that we have access to this endless supply of album kitsch, surfing the net is like a treasure hunt……!

    The van kills me here….

  3. BRBill

    I’m wondering what the record itself sounds like. I can’t help it, i’m a music freak especially for covers this cheesy. How many albums have y’all bought just because of the cover?

  4. denny

    I’ve purchased and discovered many bands just because of the covers. Sometimes the cover wins out though!

    You new here Bill?


    • BRBill

      Thanks Denny, i’m fairly new to the site having discovered it a couple three months ago. Got an account and Allee helped with the technichal glitch so i can post some stuff i have.
      The cover does win out on some of these bands records for true. The music is often way worse than the covers inhabiting it’s own region of “bad”. Y’all know what i mean…

  5. denny

    Hey Bill, in the beginning I had Allee pulling her hair out with questions and posts that went haywire here! I’ve learned bits here and there, if you have any questions, get in touch…..