La Sirena Hair Lounge (my first outing as an artist) part 1

Submitted by denny December 14th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

This is a local place and a pretty nice salon too. This is located on 169 Route 6A here in Orleans. This place was host to several of us “local artists” and featured an assortment of crafts, photography, and paintings. I was the only one with paintings.

My stuff was so spread out (it was a space thing) but I actually think that helped my paintings sell today. They were every where on this side of the room. Back wall: “Lady With Big Flower”, “Fish With Goggles” (SOLD), “Birdie Goes Shopping”, front table: “Animal Cracker”, behind him is “The Dancer” (SOLD) and then the “Happy Sheriff” off to the side. He had his own leather chair.

Shot from the corner where most of my paintings were set up. You can see a bit of “Showtime” here.

The feet of “Animal Cracker” and the lady in the blue dress is “House Work”.

8 Responses to “La Sirena Hair Lounge (my first outing as an artist) part 1”

  1. Allee Willis

    So happy for you! Such an extensive portfolio for only starting to paint fairly recently.

    Your paintings are the perfect subject and size to be spread among haircare and beauty products!!

    Which ones sold? (Not that that ever any indication of what the best work often is.)

    I love that little girl floating on her magic carpet gown in the last shot.

  2. denny

    Thanks Allee!

    I’m not sure about this. Taking up painting may very well explain the feeling I’ve had now and in the past. Painting and all things creative makes me feel like I am going to burst with ideas. My mind never stops. Sometimes it’s like “whoa, slow down”…..

    The girl on the floaty dress is “Housework” and was inspired by all those wacky album covers we all love here at It always killed me when albums came out with titles like “Music for Housecleaning” but then the cover was always a lady lounging and more than likely holding a cigarette.

  3. denny

    I do have a ball doing this and purchased my first “large” canvas yesterday…..

    Anyone that has an AC Moore near then, they are having 50 % sale on canvas.