Zenith Space Command 100.

Submitted by StoryTroy December 14th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

Now here’s one for the books. Barely larger than a chunky lipstick case is this little number, the Zenith Space Command 100. With just one button making the “ker-plink” 40,000 cycle rod strike, all it controlled was the channel function.

Simple little thing! Here’s a slim n’ sexy side view.

More than you ever wanted to know, plus this baby in action, from a tv collector’s video here:


5 Responses to “Zenith Space Command 100.”

  1. Allee Willis

    This may be my favorite one yet! So completely sleek, compact and adorable. The arrow going up from the turquoise button with that gorgeous crown on it kills me. And it looks so fancy in chrome!

    One day you should bring all your remotes over to Willis Wonderland and I should build a percussion track from all the snapping sounds of the buttons.

  2. StoryTroy

    Great idea!

    The tech on these never changed much, so most rods sound similar… though the puff of the Magnavox Phantom, the high tone of the Admiral, and the depndable Zenith might indeed make for interesting samples.