4 Responses to “Pierre – 2010 (a painting by Denny)”

  1. Allee Willis

    Although I’m happy for you that this one sold I’m sorry for the rest of us who didn’t have the opportunity to buy it. Pierre cuts quite a figure!

    Is that a TV Pierre is looking at or is he looking out of the window? If the latter, what are the legs under it?

    Love Pierre’s pink and burgundy outfit. The beret and hair arrangement are excellent. But most of all, I think I like his toes sticking through his shoes.

    How big is this one?

  2. denny

    A Face Book friend and old classmate from high school bought this one and several others. I can’t believe he sold as it was an early one and not one I was terribly taken by. I forgot to give him nostrils, eyelashes, fingernails and I can never get the feet right!

    Pierre is 8 x 10. He’s not looking out of a window, it’s a painting he is working on and it’s on an easel. Those are red, felt curtains by the way.

    His hair just kills me and reminds me of spaghetti.