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Submitted by mbc December 18th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

I began collecting vintage Barbies because my older cousins had owned these pre-1970s dolls. I coveted the Fashion Queen Barbie [1963 – 1965] which had molded, painted hair, came with three wigs, and this cool vinyl case. Well into adulthood I thought of this doll. I went looking on ebay and my journey down the long, dark road of addiction began.

On the left is a Titian Ponytail Barbie [1962 – 1966] wearing Gay Parisienne #964 (1959). This is a rare, hard to find, outfit. I had to collect this one piece by piece. On the right is a Fashion Queen Barbie, the wig is new, wearing Suburban Shopper #969 (1959-1964). While not considered rare it is a more valuable ensemble when complete with the straw accessories in mint to excellent condition.

more to come . . .

11 Responses to “all things barbie”

  1. Allee Willis

    Love all of this! Love that you still have your collection. And love all the detail you supply.

    Titian Barbie’s outfit kills me. Is her fur real fur? And I totally dig Suburban Shopper’s accoutrements. Is her bag stuffed with knitting tools? And why does she have two bags? I hope that gorgeous phone goes with her every place she shops.

    More, more, more please!

    • mbc

      thanks allee! i am so excited to be a part of this site.

      the fur is real rabbit. the shopper outfit came with one of two straw bags, one full of fruit and the other full of flowers. my barbie is just an exceptional shopper. the phone, well it’s not a mobile and i can’t remember the purpose of it it in this ensemble. i don’t have my reference books with me right now.

      there was careful thought and attention to detail behind all of the clothing and accessories. that is what i most love about the vintage barbies. the quality and detail in these pieces are amazing.

  2. k2dtw

    Hi Mary Beth…
    This is just wonderful, so pretty, so much design detail.
    Do you ever go to Barbie Convention??.. Will really be looking forward to your post.

    • mbc

      i’ve never gone to a convention. either because i haven’t been that fanatical or, more likely, because i am not wealthy enough. you cannot place a barbie addict in that type of environment and expect them to not want to buy everything in sight.

      • k2dtw

        Yes, my friends that go, save-up in advance!!.. My one friend always says… “I love the smell of vinyl in the morning”…smile

  3. denny

    What kills me here is the title, “Fashion Queen”. I found a fabulous “skipper & scooter” carrying case and use it for my toiletries when I travel.

    Your commentary and documentation is so worthy of a certifikitsch here!

    I NEVER knew that ANY Barbie had molded hair.

    • mbc

      i know, right? and how about her gold striped bathing suit and matching turban?

      i think you will like my collection of vinyls.

      thx for the vote of confidence. : )

      that is what most attracted me to the fashion queen barbie. i had never seen one like it and was absolutely intrigued by the ability to switch out hairdos.