6 Responses to “Christmas At AWMOK.COM! Another fabulous LP!”

  1. Allee Willis

    Absolutely fantastic cover! The fact that two lamps are hanging in front of him and one in back is excellent art directing, only exceeded by the chandelier growing out of his head. And that star or whatever it’s called graphic that’s running from top to bottom is sensational. I love that he’s getting that excited about lamps.

    Does anything at all on this covers say “White Christmas”?!

  2. Douglas Wood

    Wow– this is one of your very best! Bizarre in every way possible. Love how the “W” in White Christmas is partially cut off. The mix of mod lamps with the chandelier is also striking, as is the placement of everything, and his outfit (leisure suit or jump suit? Is he maybe a figure skater?) As Allee mentioned, what’s going on with that sparkly graphic? Part of it is behind him, and part is superimposed over his body (but not face)– what exactly were they going for? But the expression is what makes this priceless.

  3. denny

    They did a pretty good job of fitting him in between those hanging lamps! Early photoshopping maybe?

    His expression is what attracted me to this cover.