7 Responses to “Little Oly’s Surprise”

  1. Nudie Girl

    Wow!!! Me and Little Oly are so honored with the Certifikitsch of Authenkitschity! We want to thank all the little people out there! Now if I could only find an Oly to toast with!

    I grew up on (my dad’s) Olympia beer, and will never forget touring the brewery as a child in Tumwater, Washington. I was so thrilled to find the Little Oly ashtray in a thrift store, and about died when I picked him up off the shelf only to have him reveal his surprise. Who could resist such a cute, and useful prankster?

    Time to frame this most distinguished award!

  2. denny

    His appendage looks like a tube of lipstick.

    I was wondering if you would do a part 2 with this post!

    Congratulations on your “certificate of aunthen-kitschity”.