4 Responses to “Willie Talk the Ventriloquist Doll and Big BIrd (a 70’s christmas family pic)”

  1. Allee Willis

    Is that a Willie Tyler and Lester talking doll?! They were the only ventriloquist act ever on Motown. They even appeared in the Motown Reviews, which I saw faithfully every year at the Fox theater in Detroit growing up. Oh, I wish you still had that doll!

    Your sister looks very happy with her big Bird Doll.

    You look exactly the same.

  2. denny

    Yep, Willie Tyler and Lester and he came straight from the Sears catalog.

    My sister lost interest in most toys when she was around this age and I ended up adopting her big bird doll.

    I like to think at least my hair is different. I was a terribly geeky kid. At this age I should not have been getting dolls for christmas.