Elvis drinking glass from Graceland

Submitted by denny December 26th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

This incredible glass I received from a friend as part of a belated birthday package. I was dying over this and wondered if this glass was even part of a set? The gold on this glass is in fabulous shape and doesn’t have a nick anywhere on the glass. I’ve been to Graceland a dozen times as I have family there and hte gift shops across from Graceland are like a mini city. Elvis kitsch for days…..

4 Responses to “Elvis drinking glass from Graceland”

  1. Allee Willis

    I’m not one for mass produced gift souvenir kitsch but this is one of the better looking Elvis glasses I’ve ever seen. I’d prodly sip out of him.

    If these were sold in the gift shop at Graceland then they were probably sold as individual glasses. But if it’s licensed merchandise from the Elvis estate the chances are better that it might’ve been sold as a set.

    Do NOT put him in the dishwasher or he won’t be gold for long.

  2. denny

    This was a gift from Wind-Up……She has amazing taste in kitsch and my box was a complete and total surprise!

    I drink out of this glass all the time and always hand wash it….