Christmas Picture of the dogs

Submitted by denny December 25th, 2010
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I will never, ever do this again. It was a nightmare and then the little lady dressed as an elf kinda scared me a bit but after all, it’s about the dogs ya know.

Look at my terrier staring off and panting! Dogs left to right are: Richie, Darla, Wasabi and Sweetpea. I do local animal rescue work with the Animal Rescue League of Boston. It looks as if the one wreath is sitting on top of the elf’s head. All proceeds to benefit an organization here (name escapes me) that helps people with the high cost of animal health care. All of my dogs are rescues.

4 Responses to “Christmas Picture of the dogs”

  1. denny

    It really was one of the worst experiences. You should have seen me scampering to get all 4 dogs in the car. Ugh, it was what I call “a total Lucy & Ethel moment”…

    My terrier bit the elf and then wanted to be held by her. He didn’t draw blood, it was a little nip……..Terriers are so fickle!

    No elves were harmed in obtaining this kodak moment on film.