The Legend of the Sun Virgin – 10″ LP by Yma Sumac

Submitted by Bob Ramsdell December 28th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

Yma Sumac was a Peruvian Singer in the 1950’s who had an amazing octave range. The album cover picture of Miss Sumac was taken by Tom Kelley who was the photographer of Marilyn Monroe for Playboy magazine.

3 Responses to “The Legend of the Sun Virgin – 10″ LP by Yma Sumac”

  1. Allee Willis

    I never knew that the same photographer who shot that unbelievably famous nude photo of Marilyn for Playboy shot this cover of Yma that I’ve stared at so much over the years.

    If anyone reading this has never heard Yma Sumac, this is the LP to break you in.

    Yma certainly knew her way around eyeliner!

  2. denny

    She used to perform at a nightclub on Laurel Canyon and Ventura, which is now occupied by a California Pizza Kitchen and other stores. That’s what I heard back when I lived there….local gossip I suppose….

  3. Bob Ramsdell


    My late wife and her first husband graduated from CSU Chico in the mid 50’s,
    he in physical education and she in teaching. She was also in several theater
    productions. They moved to San Francisco and opened a weight studio.
    She could bench press her own weight (120 lbs), had a fabulous figure
    and looked like Shirley McClain. One day, Tom Kelley, Marilyn Monroe’s Playboy
    Photographer, on the recommendation of a friend, asked my wife to pose for him but her
    husband would not let her. His loss, my gain! Every time we went to a
    local Sears, one of the sales ladies called her “Shirley McClain”.
    Bob Ramsdell, Albany OR