The Three Wise Guys – Mick, Mick, and Mick Michelob!

Submitted by Mod Betty December 28th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

Found these guys at a Goodwill store in Amish country west of Reading PA, and loved their plastic faces. Upon closer inspection I noticed that they had glass bodies, and these glass bodies were in fact empty BEER bottles!

I looked around for a Baby Jesus made out of a nip, but to no avail. The vintage Michelob bottle shape gives them a nice figure!

9 Responses to “The Three Wise Guys – Mick, Mick, and Mick Michelob!”

  1. Allee Willis

    I love these! I knew they were beer bottles because I found a teenage go-go couple once made out of them. Though I must say that these three fellows that you found are much neater than many crafts of this sort. Even all the wavy ribbing is on straight and their capes are even well tailored! These are beautiful.

    Of course, I love that someone of a darker persuasion is representing.

    Now what is that big Santa head in back of the well-crafted beer bottles? Is that a lid on his head?

  2. k2dtw

    Great post…I’ve never seen these. Does the head have a bottle cork??.. or do they snap over or glue to the bottle top? ..Nip???..

    • Mod Betty

      k2dtw – I just looked and the plastic heads just squish over the top of the bottle. I was able to carefully but successfully pop one off and on again.

      Nip – not sure what they’re called where you’re from (I’m from MA but live in PA now) but I was referring to those little bottles of alcohol that have maybe 1 shot in them, teeny little things that make great stocking stuffers!

  3. Mod Betty

    I’ll be writing a post on soon about the kitschy souvenirs I collect, I’ll be sure to post some photos and links. Wheee!