Submitted by lindaz December 31st, 2010
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I am a Little Lulu junkie. I have old comics from when I was little that I made my mother save. They’re beaten up for the most part, but I still can thumb throught them. My mom taught me how to read on Little Lulu comics and I was the only kid in kindergarten who could read when I started school. I have this very cute stuffed Little Lulu doll that my sister sent me a few years ago that she bought at Kohl’s. That Lulu has a little yellow plastic purse attached to her arm, that my cat LilyRose when she was a kitten, decided to teethe on it. So now it has hundreds of little needle holes in it.

These Lulu’s are my favorites. I have them in different rooms. The bobble head (on the right) sits on top of an old 12-inch TV-VCR combo that’s on my desk. I like to play with her when I’m supposed to be writing/working. The plastic Lulu on the left is a bank, that an old boyfriend of mine found in a thrift store in the 80’s. Whenever I find a coin on the street, it goes in the Lulu bank. I’m seem to always look down when I walk, so I’m always finding money in the street. I’ve filled her up twice in the past 15 years.

The Lulu pin at the bottom of her feet I found in a jewelry/gift store on 3rd Street years ago. Doesn’t really look that much like her, but it still is Lulu. And I do wear her on jackets.

My favorite Lulu though, is in the center. I bought her at an antique shop that used to be on Ventura Blvd in Studio City not too far from Art’s Deli. She was not cheap, and I didn’t care. She’s ceramic and in perfect condition. I love this Lulu (she’s the only one I’ve seen holding a dog) …. so she lives in my bedroom.

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  1. Allee Willis

    Little Lulu was by far my favorite comic character growing up. I even featured her prominently in one of my earliest songs,
    a duet I sang with Luther Vandross in 1974 called “Orphan Allee”. We never got farther than a demo but it was about me in my imaginary world with all my little comic book friends. “Sitting next to Tubby and Lulu” was the last line of the chorus.Love the way that Luther sang the word “Lulu”.

    Although it’s a drag when pets decide to teethe on things you love, we always love the pets so much that the hundreds of little needle holes they leave only makes us love the object more.

    As for the Lulu pin that doesn’t really look like Lulu that kind of attribute only adds to the kitscg value!

    Excellent collection!

  2. lindaz

    I would love to hear that demo. I really love everything Lulu. And I also loved Tubby when he was a detective and all the Little Itch stories.

    There is a great website called :
    which is everything Lulu. She’s been collecting for a long time and has great memorabilia….napkins, purses, cut-outs, etc.

    Also a newsletter called The Hollywood Eclectern published sporadically. I’ll gather them together and post the covers…they’re so much fun.

    I don’t mind the Lulu purse with needle teethmarks, because I love that LilyRose so much, she can do no wrong. I’ll post the doll one day if I can get a good close-up of the baby teeth marks, which just adds character!

    Happy New Year!

  3. Douglas Wood

    I love your Little Lulus and always thought the Little Lulu comics were much more charming and quirky than your average comic book. I still remember one from my childhood in which Lulu went to France. There was a pun that my 8 year old self thought was hilarious involving Lulu falling into the Seine river and commenting that she was “in Seine” (insane.)

    • lindaz

      You should Google John Stanley who drew her and created the story lines in the comic books until the late ’50s and also drew the covers. I remember Lulu going to France…the Eiffel Tower was on the cover. All the comics are now being compiled and published by Dark Horse in paperback form.

  4. windupkitty

    oh wow, this is so insanely wonderful to see! i LOVE LIttle LuLu but have only collected the various compilation volumes over the years..original…..i love to give the compilation books to the kids I babysit..over the years, I think plenty of kids have gotten them.they are just so clever, funny, quirky and cool and there really isn’t anything scary in them..i love that…..Little LuLu and Penny from Pee Wee’s Playhouse should be enjoyed by all children everywhere!!! Can’t wait to check out ths sites you’ve suggested!!!