Submitted by lindaz January 2nd, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

In honor of New Year’s 2011 I give you Trini Time. I knew Trini Lopez in the early 1970s. I met him through a friend who worked for him as his road manager. I also worked on the Tonight Show when Johnny Carson was the host and Ithink Trini was a frequent guest. I don’t remember under what circumstances I was given the watch…could have been a promotional Christmas gift. The watch band is long gone, but maybe it’s time to get another.

The watch still works. It has a Swiss movement and needs to be wound. Now that I can’t read without glasses, it might make sense to wear it again, since the dial is so big.

I set the watch below so that Trini is playing the guitar.

5 Responses to “TRINI TIME”

  1. Allee Willis

    Totally hitting the jealous button now! I never even knew this watch existed. I loved Trini Lopez back in the day. He was on every Variety show known to man, one of the first of his ethnicity, right along with Charo, to break through big time. Such a fantastic and rare watch!

    Of course, the fact that the face doesn’t really look like Trini Lopez knocks the kitsch value up quite a few notches. The shape is right and so is the curly hair but it ends there. I guess that C. Martinez felt there was enough to call it a day.

  2. Mark Milligan

    Linda when did you work the Carson show?
    Did you know Dick Carson? I just remember stories about a Christmas party one year at the Queen Mary in Long Beach. That sounded fun.

    I also saw your recipe post from the “Ford Times.” I’d totally forgotten about that magazine, but the little public library where I grew up had them in the 60’s, and I poured over them because I was an obsessive reader as a kid, and crazy about cars. Thanks!

    • lindaz

      Dick Carson was long before my time. He directed in NY I think. I was on show in the early 70’s when it moved from NY to LA….beautiful downtown Burbank.