9 Responses to “Housework – 2010 (a painting by Denny)”

  1. Allee Willis

    At first glance i didn’t think this babe looked like she was doing housework but then I thought that’s exactly the state of mind you need to be in to be an efficient housekeeper. In fact, that’s always the state of mind I’m in once I stop procrastinating and make myself do things like straighten drawers or go through piles of paper that stack up a foot high on my desk. It’s an indescribable state of euphoria to be lost in that world and actually get things done and discover things stashed away that you had no idea were still there. So I’m giving total props to this little gal with the cloud dress and same hairdo I sported in 1974 except my hair was orange.

  2. denny

    Allee, I really, really want to be let loose on your family and personal photos next time I’m out there. My point being is that I want to do mega-posting, picture posting frenzy of your hair styles over the years. My favorite so far was your bubble do from ’65.

  3. k2dtw

    Another great Painting… Did the Rosanna Roseannadanna character ever do housework???….smile..

    Allee, did you ever have a chance to meet Gilda Radner???… If the dates and the info are all correct, you could have bumped into her at Mumford??
    Gilda Radner… From fifth grade through high school, Gilda attended the Liggett School for Girls (now University Liggett School) which is now located in Grosse Pointe, Michigan (the campus was nearer to the city of Detroit, in Indian Village when Gilda was a student there). She did attend public high school for one year in 11th grade at Mumford High (in Detroit) because she wanted to meet boys but after missing Liggett, she returned there for her last year of high school. She graduated in 1964.

  4. windupkitty

    I agree with Nessa, this truly does capture the dream state depicted on the faces of any/every blissful housewife form the 1950s. Apparently, back then, they just loved housework (though my guess is that it was the drinking that saw them through). I LOVE this.she is wonderful, beautiful, graceful and if she had a fabulous white bag with matching cat-eye sunglasses, she could be your mom! :)