Submitted by k2dtw January 7th, 2011
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The long 10′ X 2′ wood sign hung from a Movie Theatre Marquee. All of the cut out red wood letters are applied to the yellow wood sign, it has lots of age patina. The big size would allow anyone who was walking or driving by to definitely be able to see that it was the last day for the movie screening. I bought it at a local flea market years ago, it’s from a local Detroit area Movie Theatre…

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  1. Allee Willis

    Excellent sign,especially given its girth.

    I would kill to know which local Detroit movie theater it came out of. The three theaters there that I spent the most time in growing up were the Avalon, on Lynwood (sp?) and Davidson, the Royal on 7 Mile and Meyers and, of course, the Fox, where I’m headed back on April 8 to conduct my high school marching band playing a medley of my greatest hits before the performance of my show, The Color Purple. I can’t wait!A

    Does this sign hang in your house?

  2. k2dtw

    Thanks, so great… It hangs in the kitchen.
    I always went downtown for all the “First Run” movies. The Fox Theater is so breathtaking, it will be a wonderful setting for “The Color Purple”..
    I Loved to go The Mercury, and The Royal Theater, I always went w/my friend, her wonderful dad dropped us off and picked us up…what a dad!! Were you ever at the Royal Theater for “Pillow Talk” …I LOVED all the Doris Day, Rock Hudson Films. Same years we saw “A Summer Place”…w/Sandra Dee and Troy Donahue…and ” Imitation of Life”.. I loved Sandra Dee.. Went downtown on a bus (w/same friend) to get Troy Donahue’s autograph, they had him sitting at a desk/table on stage…maybe at the Palms Theater???… He was wearing a beautiful RED v-neck sweater…and he kissed me on the cheek!!….I know!!..
    I can’t remember which Theater downtown (maybe it was the Madison??) I saw “West Side Story”…again w/a bunch of girls. We got all dressed up…and this time “I drove”…smile.
    Have you seen this great site, when you have some time..

  3. Allee Willis

    Color Purple has already been at The Fox in Detroit twice, in both 2008 and 2009. It did great both times so hence a third run.

    I remmber The Madison! I saw West Side Story there too! Where was the Mercury? That sounds really familiar.

    I LOVED Doris Day movies as well. The Thrill Of It All was my absolute favorite.