6 Responses to “Graceful Deer Tv Lamp”

  1. Allee Willis

    Really GORGEOUS TV lamp and not one you often see.

    Yes, by nature all TV lamps, especially the vintage of this one, qualify as kitsch. But my definition of kitsch is so much broader than the standard definition of it, the latter of which is limited to things that are completely overdone and often in horrendous taste. My definition applies much more to things that spring out of pop culture, either creating or attempting to capitalize on some popular trend of the day, or merely picking up the characteristics of it.

    Deer are one of the more popular animals in 1940s and 50s ceramics. I love when they come in families.

    The lamp probably just needs a new socket.

  2. k2dtw

    LOVE your TV Light..great design, stunning glaze..
    And it probably came out of a very Kitschy Living Room…
    ps…love the hat box stack!!

  3. windupkitty

    Thanks guys!!! I LOVE this lamp and yeah, the 1940s deer thing always appeals to me….it was such a theme back then :) This design has always reminded me of something Art Deco as well, which tends to pop up in every era sense….

    Ah, yes, the hat boxes are a very few of many, I’m embarrassed to say! I have been collecting hats since well, I was kid. I love hats. In fact you guys have inspired me to make some posts of them. They are all vintage, they are all kept in mint condition, and yes, I used to wear them all the time.

    In recent years, I’ve tried to sell many of them (most of my nice things and vintage have been sold to cover medical bills etc) but there just doesn’t seem to be a strong market for them anymore (Ebay has been a double edged sword for vintage collectors). That’s ok by me though, cause it means I can keep them! :) More posts to come….