My Mom’s Brownie Girl Scout Wallet

Submitted by Nessa January 9th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

My mom’s Brownie Girl Scout wallet, which I also carried as a tot. The inside is pretty boring, but contains my personal Brownie Girl Scout Membership card, and a scrap of paper with my mom’s childhood address and phone number scribbled on it.

3 Responses to “My Mom’s Brownie Girl Scout Wallet”

  1. Allee Willis

    OMG, that’s so cute!

    I was always so excited to get a new Brownie or Girl Scout accessory. As you can imagine, I wanted to collect everything but only had a few select things. Wallets were a very important category for me!

    I love the color scheme. That red hair really pops.

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  2. k2dtw

    I LOVE this Wallet… I was a Brownie, but never lucky enough to get a beautiful wallet.. My Brownie meeting was after school at my grade school. I loved Brownie meeting days, because I got to wear my Brownie Uniform to school!!!
    LOL…I did win a Snickers Candy Bar in a Brownie dance contest, we all had to do “The Chicken”….I know..
    Wondering if the adorable Brownie on the wallet inspired the Wendy’s logo???..