18 Responses to “Toys!”

  1. Michael Ely

    The baby shoes belong to my partner of 40 years (he will turn 60 this July).

    I believe that’s a Golliwog (my partner won it at an elementry shcool fair back in the 1950’s – talk about politically incorrect).

    Haven’t caught an episode of “Storage Wars” yet, but I’ve heard it’s a fun show. I’ll watch it.

    I’m running out of room for new toys, but I still add to the collection now and then. My criteria for new toys is whatever hits my fancy such as a Furby or a Disney music box with great graphics. I also collect unusual dolls such as the Living Dead dolls or the Barbra Streisand Barbie.

    Think my favorite vintage toy in the collection by my Batmoblie.

  2. Douglas Wood

    I’m so jealous of your collection I can barely speak. I have a few of the same items but am lusting after all the rest. Is that great Jack-o-lantern face in the upper right hand corner the real deal or a reproduction? And what is that yellow face that’s in the bottom of the bottom shelf in the top photo? Allee’s right– we want to see close-ups!

    • Michael Ely

      “Rolie Polie Olie” was a very inventive and fun children’s show from 1998 to 2004 about a robot family and their adventures, and they lived in a teapot-shaped house (the yellow face). Besides the toy house (which opens up and contains furniture), I also have a seven piece figurine set of the family and their little dog. Think someday these may be collectable, but ya never know. In the meantime, just fun to have. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTkmaE_QWMQ

      The jack-o-lantern / black cat mini basket is a reproduction piece made in the 1970’s, so it’s nearly 40 years old, but not an original.

  3. windupkitty

    oh man, yes! Close ups are needed!!! I LVOE toys and always have to control myself when I find vintage ones…I still have a lot of my old stuffed animals in storage…I just can’t get rid of them! What’s that snow man looking guy in the bottom left corner in the last pic? I’m so curious!! I LOVE that you still have your partner’s baby shoes…That’s the nicest thing and they’re so cute, I can’t stand it!!!!

  4. Kyle Dayton

    I love this! I also see amongst the treasures a Red Goose Shoes golden egg (I still have mine), the orginal Gumby and Pokey (wish I still had them), and the old Hasbro snowman snowcone maker (my most memorable toy from childhood, but unfortunately no longer have it). Very nice display.