Beatnik In A Keyhole, 5 x 7 (a painting by Denny – 2011)

Submitted by denny January 15th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

I’m not quite sure if I was going for the beatnik look or the burglar look.  Either way it makes me laugh.  All of the “keyhole” series is painted on canvas flat boarding.  I’m still trying to get used to painting on such small canvas……it’s hard ot get used to.

8 Responses to “Beatnik In A Keyhole, 5 x 7 (a painting by Denny – 2011)”

  1. Allee Willis

    I think he looks like a Flamenco dancer. Or a French burglar. I don’t see Beatnik, though keyholes are small so perhaps the rest of his body exhibits more Beatnik like features.

    Love his hair. Or is that a toupee?

  2. denny

    Then it will be “French Burglar:.

    Oh thank you my mighty kitsch queen for mentoring me towards a proper title for this one! I was stuck on this one, wasn’t really feeling the beatnik vibe. Thanks Allee!

    Yes, he’s wearing a cheap, nylon toupeee that has chemical agents that always keep his hair shiny at all times. I also think he’s missing a tooth.

    Allee, I have a hard time getting used to painting “small scale – 5 x7” and find myself doing a bit of shaking on the smaller aspects of painting with canvas this small.

  3. denny

    Okay, thanks for the advice.

    Hey Allee, I’m thinking about doing my one painting “Show Time” on a much larger scale. Will keep posted.

    I miss LA.