Smiley Ring

Submitted by Patty McDonald January 15th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

This is my SMILEY Ring that I wore in the very early 1970s when I was in latter part of Junior High or early High School ( I forget to long ago)…I was in Frankfurt Germany as my father was in the Army stationed there.  I went to Frankfut American Junior High or Frankfurt American High School (remember I forget which one but pretty sure I wore it at both :O)). I thought about this ring as I watched for about the 100th time, Forrest Gump!! HEHEHE

9 Responses to “Smiley Ring”

  1. Allee Willis

    Is that a plastic dome bubble top on the smiley ring? I like that. It enhances the happiness of the smily face. And, of course, I love the backdrop you shot it against. Well, I hope you wear it proudly now. Do you have any other artifacts from your junior high or high school days? The early 70s were such a great time to be young!

  2. Mark Milligan

    Very Cool! Does it change colors like a mood ring?

    Patty what was Frankfurt like in the early 70’s? Did you ever go to the Berlin wall?

    What kind of car did your parents drive in Germany back then?

  3. Patty McDonald

    Mark…yes went to the Berlin wall..was eerie back then..and time you come to visit the Johnsons, have them take you onto the Fort..when the wall was pulled down, FLW got a piece if it and it is right across the street from where me and Elisa work! And my parents drove a Malibu..when my dad came back from his second tour of duty in Vietnam and we were going back to Germany he bought it..I remember my parents fretting over the cost…$3000!