Denny in the Jungle!

Submitted by denny January 17th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

All of these pics were taken at various places throughout my roadside travels.  We would often drive from PA to FLA during the winter and summer months.  I have no idea what I was doing in this picture…..

I have no idea where this was taken.

Making a pit stop.

I’ve always loved gorillas and small monkeys.  Here we are roadside again.

5 Responses to “Denny in the Jungle!”

  1. Douglas Wood

    Wow– these are fantastic photos– why haven’t you posted them sooner? Makes me wonder what other gems you’ve got up your sleeve. What great artifacts of kitsch Americana from the days of yore.

    That yellow rodent trash can is the best– what better mascot for garbage than a big rat? I’m surprised you were confidant enough to go right up to it and grab its nose. I’m pretty sure that thing would’ve terrified me at that age.

    Something is really baffling me– the gorillas in each of those photos look exactly the same but the backgrounds are different. And you’re wearing a different colored shirt in each photo, so were these actually from two separate locations on two separate occasions?

  2. denny

    Hey Doug – on all our road trips we sometimes ended up at some of the same rest stops and that may explain the gorilla pictures. Both different trips. I just wish I could remember where these places were located. Yes, the “rat trash can” PAPKY just kills me. I even tried researching “Papky” and found nothing. So Doug, when do we get pictures from your youth? Post them please!

    I had hit up our family photo albums on my last trip home. My grandparents and my Mom were shutterbugs when we were younger.