Mexican Rodent With Sombero, Guns and Sparkles

Submitted by Mod Betty January 18th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

This is the piece de resistance of my thrifting adventures yesterday. I spotted him across the shelf and actually asked a lady to move (well more like a ‘scuse me please with a smile) so I could grab him and get a closer inspection. He appears to be some sort of Mexican rodent gunslinger with a sombrero and a dash of sparkles- what flair! While I was crushed to see a wee chip on the back of his hat, he’s in otherwise fantastic condition, and the previous owners even put little felt pads on his feet, so he won’t scratch up whatever surface we decide to proudly display him on. He’s got a tag inside his foot that says Lar-Al Crafts but I didn’t see much on the internet about them. But for now The Hacienda has a new mascot- Ole!

Here’s the rest of my loot from yesterday, but he’s the total star:

5 Responses to “Mexican Rodent With Sombero, Guns and Sparkles”

  1. Allee Willis

    Oh boy, I’ve absolutely never seen anything like this little honey! So confusing in so many fantastically kitschy ways! Everything, from why the rat is standing next to a cactua, to his very overactive eyebrows, to his bullets belts, to that frilly sombrero. I guess he’s just a rat guarding the Mexican border.

    WHAT A HAUL!!! I hope we get to see everything up close.

  2. denny

    Holy cow Mod Betty! I swear we share in utilizing the same techniques when thrift shopping. I do the EXACT same thing in that I will often ask someone to move out of my way before some other person moves in for the kill on an item I spotted.

    I also do the same thing and photograph purchases in one shot as a teaser but I’m sure dying over wanting to see a close up shot of some of the things here. I think I have a “Wet Your Whistle” mug too. Does it have a little mouth piece?

    What is the orange thingie to the left of the picture?

    You did very well in obtaining a good amount of kitsch for one day of shopping!

  3. k2dtw

    Great Post… Rodent guy is FAB!!…
    Congratulations, what a great day of thrifting you had!!… Do you ever catch yourself smiling???…

  4. Mod Betty

    K2dtw – I was grinning from ear to ear with these finds for sure!

    Denny- I am usually polite – too polite – but have learned the hard way to make an effort to get the stuff I want, like this guy for example. I just HAD TO get close to it before anyone else did! Not that I think anyone would, but you never know!

    I’d be happy to post some closeup shots as well – that is indeed a wet your whistle mug – my dad had/has one on his bureau (he passed away this fall but the mug should still be there) and I figured in case one of us in the fam wanted it but didn’t get it, this would be a good substitute.

    The orange thing is actually a mexican planter – I bet it came from the same house as the rodent! Being that I was in Amish country PA it was exciting to see something so bright and colorful – as you can note from the background Hacienda, I love color bright cheery colors :-)