It’s The Allee Willis Meatloaf!! (part 1)

Submitted by denny January 23rd, 2011
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I thought if everybody else was getting into creating art with food then I could give it a try too!  So i decided to immortalize Allee Willis in the form of a meatloaf made with low fat ground turkey.  It’s a meat we eat all the time in my house but the first time I ever tried treating cooking as an art form.

Here we have some primary ingredients such as feta cheese (which gets mixed into the meat), Lipton Soup Mix (thrown in for a bit of flavor!!) the meat itself, some bread crumbs and pesto sauce.  All of the ingredients here get mixed into the meat.  It cooks at 400 for about 40 minutes.

Musco Family Olives used for Allee’s glasses and eyes (for the pupils).  Just take a handful and chop them up but not too fine!

The brussell sprouts are used for Allee’s eyes.  Take two, cut in half and use the rounded halves for the eyes.  The zucchini you see here is used for Allee’s hair.  Take a veggie shaver and shave long strips to lay on top of the meatloaf to simulate the folicular goodness that is our queen of kitsch’s trademark do.

A bit of egg thrown in to help it stick together.  The baby carrots were used for Allee’s lips.  Take your veggie shaver and shave the carrots and in the mean time, try not to drop several on the floor in the process.

Then when the meat is mixed together, gently shape and mold the meat into whatever person you want to eat.  Here we have the finished product and our queen of kitsch, Allee Willis.

Here’s the sketch I started with:

Next step was to put Allee in the oven.  See post part 2!!!

14 Responses to “It’s The Allee Willis Meatloaf!! (part 1)”

  1. Allee Willis

    Don’t even start me on how elated I am to see myself as a meatloaf!!!! If this is any kind of get well gift for the misery my knee has been through this week it was well worth the surgery to be preserved as such.

    It’s so bizarre that brussels sprouts would be part of my portrait. Right before my surgery on Tuesday I decided to stock up on vegetables in my refrigerator in hopes I might eat healthier in my postoperative state than I normally do if left to my own devices. Brussels sprouts are one vegetable that I’ve always really liked. So there’s been a container of them, exactly like thecontainer you have here, sitting there and every time one of my friends who’s come over these past couple of days goes into the refrigerator they always come back and tell me how proud they are of me for having brussels sprouts. The sad part of the story is that I’m sure these little balls of green will meet the same fate as many of their predecessors. I buy them in good faith and then end up throwing them out when they get too rotten to cook. I’m glad to see them preserved as my eyeballs here.

    The olive can is gorgeous.

    The fact that you shaved the carrots in order to shape them into my mouth is inspired. The olive chunks glasses are killing me.


  2. Iamfluff

    Oh Denny! This is superb! I just love edible art!!!
    Ah brussels sprouts! I love them too but I got fairly sick on some pickled Brussels sprouts. They were called “frog balls” and with a name like that, well you know I just had to have them. They were yummy… at first. I like it when they have brussels sprouts on the stalk and it’s like some big staff like Noah would carry.

  3. Karen

    As I said on fb I love it! You are so creative Denny. Between the painting and the gourmet portrait foods I am completely in aw of you! Seriously, no joke!

  4. denny

    That really makes me smile considering that if it wasn’t for Allee, I wouldn’t be doing any of this.

    Thanks Karen, your comment brought about a huge smile on my face!

  5. k2dtw

    Denny I love this…this is FAB!!! So funny…
    I LOVE the beautiful “Zucchini” highlights!!!…LOL So much thought!!.. Where did you find Mac Morange Carrots???…smile..

  6. windupkitty

    denny this is a culinary triumph! i’m surprised to hear how much love there is for brussels sprouts! I”m pretty anti sprout….I think they’re cute, but when they’re cooking, I feel like passing out! yuck, they smell!