10 Responses to “souvenirs that say “guess where I’ve been””

  1. Allee Willis

    Although I can’t see the maracas in the first photo very clearly I’m wild about those lamps, especially Mount Rushmore. Some travel souvenirs are exceptionally tacky but these are all gorgeous.

    These all deserve separate posts with detail shots. And would really love a closer, well lit photo of the maracas. I collect those and use them a lot on my records and these look very unique.

    • john switzer

      I have a pair of small covered wagons that are small lamps with cholla wheels.I will post them soon.Circa 1950’s :D JS

  2. john switzer

    J.C. Leyendecker is a fave,much,so much more than Rockwell. They are easy to spot once you study him. I have about a dozen.

      • john switzer

        Mine are all saturday evening post covers.more in my price range:D thanks for the hyperlink to hagginmuseum. you are generous with your time.How about his signature..schmancy,huh?

  3. john switzer

    Those photos are not maracas but carved cowry shells.One says Fla Keys,one says Hawaii, and one,oddly enough says Dallas,TX and has a cactus painted on it.

    The lamp shade is an odd shape,like closed parenthasis(),to fit close to the wall. They are the 2 side of the same shade.Again my apologies for the quality of my photos.