Senior Class Photos, “Americana H.S.”

Submitted by Markydoodle January 23rd, 2011
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I went to Missouri to visit my daughter and her family last weekend, and had the opportunity to watch my granddaughter play basketball (she made 3 baskets, and I suddenly became re-devoted to being a grandpa because I got to enjoy an activity without the angst of being the parent!)

The games were played in a rural school building about 40 miles from where my daughter lives.  It had in it’s halls class pictures from years past.  I am crazy about the “look” they all had.

Even with the reflection on this far shot, you can see that ALL the ladies in ’63 (except the sponsor top right) are wearing those black whatchmacallits instead of their own clothes for their senior shot.

I had to zoom in on a couple of these students that I think are remarkable in their style for that era.

Harry, Eddie, and Robert.  I think we can all speculate which one did jail time.

Delores, Dorothy, Norma, and Deanna.  Did they all wear the same black thingy and just take it off and hand it to the next kid for their sitting?

And the folks in ’72  had their own look too.

Not a great photo, so we should spotlight some of the grads that depict the era best.

John and Larry have the same last name.  I don’t know, brothers, cousins?

The early 70’s were all about self expression through polyester and hair.

Sarah and Earl seem to have dueling sideburns here.  Anybody remember white ties?  I’m betting clip-on, just sayin’.

And from a 50’s graduating class, Shirley has a familiar last name.  I didn’t notice this until this morning when I was trying to find the shots that weren’t the most fuzzy or without reflections.  Not the best quality, and I wouldn’t have included it if it weren’t for the coincidence!

5 Responses to “Senior Class Photos, “Americana H.S.””

  1. Allee Willis

    I’m happy to say that at my high school the women weren’t forced to wear those black curtains. It looks like they’ve stripped them of any jewelry too. I would’ve been heartbroken if I couldn’t have on my little yellow polyester dickie and pearl drop necklace.

    The hairstyles on the jailbirds are exceptional. I love that the ducktails on two of the three of them have gone so awry on their foreheads.

    As for your question, “Did they all wear the same black thingy and just take it off and hand it to the next kid for their sitting?” my guess is going to be YES.

    The 1972 kids look good too. John and Larry are definitely related judging from their teeth and JFK influenced sweep hairdos.

    Sarah’s muffin top hairdo is excellent. Her bangs start so high she must have a Lurch forehead underneath.

    I’m happy to say that Shirlie Willis is no relation of mine. I would hate to think that I could have inherited those little pop-up bangs that make it look like her forehead is eternally sweating.

  2. Patty McDonald

    HAHAHA Mark..gotta love our small country schools here in MO..they all have grad pics like that..they can because the classes are so small and they have them hanging proudly in the hallways!

  3. denny

    This is killing me! I especially like the sideburns on Sarah and Earl.

    Bravo Mark, bravo!!!

    I am now on a quest to have ALL akitschionados post their high school pics. Come on Mark, post yours please!

  4. k2dtw

    Great post, I love this…So young, So cute.. It looks like almost equal parts of hair product and hair dryers were being used by teens all over the country…smile..