7 Responses to “So deco, 8ft high aluminum torchier”

  1. Allee Willis

    This is gorgeous. Where is it? I love all the cutouts and it’s so fantastically early Deco.

    It’s not kitsch but I’m awarding it a COA anyway because it’s vintage and fantastic and helps make our visual landscape more wonderful and beautiful, as does much kitsch.

  2. john switzer

    there are 2 short ones and 2 like the pic I sent, in front of the Civic Center where TCP played. This play has really changed something in me -see my FB profile page.
    I was at the ticket booth and they upgraded me from nosebleed to 13th row center.Serendipity or divine intervention?

  3. john switzer

    yes they are.I am really not sure if they are aluminum or nickel,or what.Now I wish that I had posted the smaller ones also.these are set at each corner of the front of our Civic Center. They were glowin a lil’bit xtra the other night for The Color Purple.