14 Responses to “It’s The Allee Willis Meatloaf!! (part 3)”

  1. Allee Willis

    Needless to say, it makes me very happy that I’m served on proper dinnerware! I love Royal Star Glow China and have several pieces myself. Though it’s never dawned on me to serve myself on those plates.

    The table looks great. Though not as great as those leftovers! I love that the leftovers now look like a profile.

    Also highly appropriate that the pill container be popping into that last shot with as many pills as I had to take this last week for my knee surgery and how often I forgot to take them.

    Denny, This is a masterful work and your documentation was just excellent.

    For anyone who might have missed parts one and two of this thrilling kulinary koncoction you can check them out here:

    Part 1: https://www.alleewillis.com/awmok/kitschenette/2011/01/23/its-the-allee-willis-meatloaf-part-1/

    Part 2: https://www.alleewillis.com/awmok/kitschenette/2011/01/24/its-the-allee-willis-meatloaf-part-2/

    • denny

      I love my Royal Star Glow China and I believe my dinnerware added to the tastiness of the “It’s The Allee Willis Meatloaf”. Although I do need to find more of the Royal Star Glow matching pieces like the pitcher etc……

      Ooops, sorry about photographing the left-overs next to Dad’s pill box.

      • Karen

        I see the Royal Star pattern often when out and about. I will keep an out out to look for the pitcher or any other pieces for you. Let me know what you need!!!!

        • denny

          Oh geez Karen, I couldn’t ask you to do that but Royal Star Glow is too amazing to pass up. There are pitcher sets, sugar bowls and that sort of thing, serving dishes, soup bowls, all of which I am missing…….I just got another set of china called Royal BLue Heaven or something like that. The set is gorgeous!

  2. denny

    You have absolutely no idea what I am plotting for my next food conquest/art piece. Get ready…….It’s in the early stages of gathering ideas!

    I love food.

  3. BRBill

    Denny you have indeed surpassed yourself on this one though i don’t think it’ll be too hard to top with your great imagination going full time now that’s it’s been activated. More!more!more!