New Old Stock Packaged Gadget and Wares

Submitted by Karen January 25th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

It has always amazed me what you can find new and in the package.  I imagine these to be add on gifts for birthdays or Christmas stocking stuffers that were never a hit with the receiver so stuffed back into a cabinet or closet only to be found at that dreaded “estate sale”.  If it is new in box, on package or just kept in the original box, I am all over it!

I found these thrown about on the top of a counter.  These seem to have been a giveaway from an appliance purchase but really can’t be sure.  For  some reason I picture these in an Airstream camper!

Kitchen gadgets always amuse me especially when they are still attached to cards. This was hidden in the utensil bin at a thrift store.

This 1960’s  Serv-master was found by my sister-in-law sitting on a thrift store shelf.  This pattern is called Colony with a beautiful leaf pattern. Although not new, still was kept in the original box and seems to only have been used once or twice.   The wedding card from  June 1st, 1968 was still tucked inside the box when found.

5 Responses to “New Old Stock Packaged Gadget and Wares”

  1. Allee Willis

    I absolutely love finding things in their original packaging. I especially love it when the cellophane is still on as it is in the Hostess Set in the first photo. Though I must say I don’t like when ketchup and mustard containers aren’t red and yellow. I just want to reach and grab, not spend my time reading and possibly squirting out the wrong condiment.

    I love the concept of the Cookie Dropper, though names like that that are so absolutely direct are like mud slowly sliding down the wall to writers such as myself. Does it have some kind of little arm that somehow shoves the cookies forward so the dough doesn’t get caught in the Dropper?

    I love the Serve-Master coffee pot and little trivet that it sits on. How great that the original candle is there. I’m very partial to those little paper cups but aren’t they for baking as opposed to burning once a flame is in them?

    I LOVE that the wedding card was still in the box!!

    I have a few of the hamburger presses that’s mounted on the wall behind the coffee pot box. Does yours have a rooster on it? Please post and let me know if you’ve ever actually tried to press hamburgers in it. I never understood these as by the time you push down the lid the hamburgers are more like pancakes and then you have to clean up all the meaty goo that slops out onto the counter.

    • Karen

      I have not used this press. It came from a thrift store covered in filth. But I think that is what attracts me to some of this stuff. It gets picked over because of the way it looks. For sakes alive pick up a sponge and wash it off! Anyway, never used this one myself due to the condition it was in. And yes, they are roosters on the front. I know they came in a few sizes, this one being a medium.

  2. denny


    The “Cookie Dropper” is killing me. The packaging and color of the font is beautiful.

    The Serv-Master is amazing but I was caught off guard by that hamburger press. I hung one in my bathroom!

    Yes Karen, original packaging is the best.