24 Responses to “baby in a gas mask”

  1. Allee Willis

    As someone who in 1985 was named one of the most dangerous subversives living in the United States by Pravda, the official newspaper of the Russian Communist government and singled out with Prince for being one of the most dangerous people in rock ‘n roll, I can totally appreciate this cover!

    What good is that umbrella going to do???

    • john switzer

      dangerous,well maybe,at a flea market!subversive,sure..should we have a safe word?Yikes. How about our safe word being “mrs danvers”? If I see that, I know you have gone underground lol.

  2. Lisa Rios

    WOW! Really? One of the most dangerous subversives living in the US?? Did you have a t-shirt made? A poster? I would soooo own that glorious title if I were you!

            • Allee Willis

              He was the BEST. I got him in New York in 1969. I was walking on York Avenue and looked inside a storefront where a woman had a little bridge table set up and 4 dogs were sitting around the table with her, on chairs, eating strawberry ice cream. One of them was a puppy and despite the fact that I had absolutely no plans of getting a dog there was no question I had to have him. He accompanied me from soon after I graduated from college through the first few years of my songwriting career after I hit.

              • windupkitty

                hahahahaha! WHO has stories like this!?! Strawberry ice cream?!!?! hahaha!!! What a nice tale….man, he’s lovely and was so lucky to have such a great mom….I can’t tell you how much I miss having dogs…..When my landlord passed away, her son took over and had all of us sign new leases, which said no dogs…If I had known my rights then and had the time to figure it all out, I woulda fought it! Of course, the cats agree with the slum, I mean landlord….

                • Allee Willis

                  Such a bitch when that happens. Although I understand it from the landlord’s perspective. But why allow cats if not dogs? Isn’t it about not wanting pets to pee all over the place? Cat piss is way more lethal than the same stuff coming out of a dog.

      • Nessa

        That is pretty amazing. Do we all need to build a gigantic concrete statue of you in a public square somewhere? =)

        I think they needed to hire a better translator.

      • BRBill

        This is too rich! I’ve been accused of being a “radical” for quite a while now, guess it had to do with the long hair in uncool places in different times. Now i’m acquainted with two, make that three, alleged subversive/radical types, the others being John Sinclair(also from Detroit) and Joan Baez as well as Allee. I feels right at home.
        Allee you need to think about t-shirts/posters as Lisa suggested above, i’ll take one of each.

  3. Mark Milligan

    I know I would love Hawkeye, and that is some cool do.

    Not unlike so many stories of your life, I think this one’s details would be great to hear someday!

    How did you find out it was in Pravda? Did someone from the L.A. times call you?

  4. john switzer

    Atomic Allee, Bond Girl or Queen of Kitsch? Though it must of been freaky weird at the time,I am sorry,I can’t stop laughing!

  5. windupkitty

    What I don’t understand is why they think you’re no longer a threat! Or, do they??!!! I think that picture of you and Hawkeye coulda won the cold war singlehanded…..You’re a pretty fearsome pair and I, for one, would NOT underestimate the two of you!

    I’m not sure what freaks me out more about the pic of the baby…his poorly rendered bright,shiny, engorged freaky legs and feet or the fact that he seems to be missing a diaper…..Oh, and I guess there’s the gas mask, which should help when someone drops the a-bomb….

    When I first read the title to this post, all I could hear in my head was “baby’s in a gas mask, I know, I know it’s serious” …..to the tune of the Morrissey song about his girlfriend (or was it hairdresser?) being in a coma……

    • Allee Willis

      Too bad you’re not in LA where Gail Zappa is speaking at the Grammy Museum tonight. “Join us for a Zappa-wise and Zappa-wide view of the Composer in Residence at the Utility Muffin Research Kitchen (UMRK), part and soul of the cottage industrial complex where Zappa hung his hat (the wide-brimmed pointy one, slightly crumpled at the top with the stars and comets on) for virtually his entire adult life and career. This inside/multi/track discussion will examine the wherefores of FZ’s statement “Music is the Best!” and include audio and visual elements and a bit of live music presented by Gail Zappa with Todd Yvega and Joe Travers. Moderated by Scott Goldman, VP, GRAMMY Foundation, followed by audience Q & A.”