Attack of the Clones, Part 2

Submitted by Nessa January 26th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

More Barbie clones for your entertainment pleasure:

This little doll is the same as my cracked-out Beauty Queen in the previous post, though she doesn’t have the messed up lipstick.  Her hair has been chopped, and her lip-color has bled into her face, making her look like she drank too much cherry kool-aid and didn’t wash her face afterward.  Probably made by Valentine.

This doll is a COMPLETE mystery.  None of my doll friends have been able to help me figure out who she is.  Super-cheap majorette doll has a Skipper-like face and a flat chest, but she has a tall body like Barbie…  She is marked “A.E.” but that could be a mark for any number of doll companies.  She also has more surprises in store…

Weird little face… but wait till you see when you take off her hat…

AHHH!!!!  No hair!!  There are a couple of theories for this.  Either she was a cheapo doll that someone bought to make a majorette costume for.. and thus sheared her locks so that her hat would fit.. OR.. she was a cheapo doll that some other doll company made to sell as Majorette dolls and cut the hair for that reason.  I don’t know.  I can’t tell if the dress/hat is homemade or not.  She is really weird and I almost passed up on buying her, but in the end, she came home with me.

3 Responses to “Attack of the Clones, Part 2”

  1. Allee Willis

    Love the chopped hair in photo #1. I wonder if that was intentional or if all of the clones had to make use of inferior follicles that fit the budget?

    I always love when lip color bleeds onto the face. Except when it happens on my ownface, which is almost constantly. But that cherry Kool-Aid skin look tends to enhance the beauty of these Barbie clones.

    Absolutely adore the bald clone in photo number two. I guess she could be a majorette doll though she looks more like a Muslim to me with her turban head topper. I’m crazy about what looks to be a homemade outfit with as ratty as that ric-rack is sewn on. OH GOD, I just scrolled of down to her bald head without her Fez and it is truly spectacular! Look how well it matches the tattered neckline of that dress!! Also, doesn’t it look like her head is a different skintone than her neck? Wouldn’t that mean that she is a combo of a bunch of different dolls? And what on earth did she stick her right foot into? Unless the two mismatched shoes are supposed to match the miss matched head and rest of body…

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    • Nessa

      I think the color difference is just because her body is made with a really lightweight, cheap plastic, and her face is a softer vinyl.. they might have matched at one point, but I think the head is on the right body. The one boot is inexplicably dirtier than the other one, I never tried to clean it. Who knows, maybe she marched into a puddle, haha!

  2. k2dtw

    LOVE #2… In spite of her bad hair day!!!…yikes..
    Just love her eye shadow!!!…hope it’s as blue as it looks on camera… and her full pouty mouth!! …she’s great