My Hat Collection Part 8

Submitted by windupkitty January 28th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

Some more hats from the fabulous 50s, but we’re edging closer to the sixties now!

I LOVE this hat and actually think someone added some embellishments to it after it was initially designed…The beading looks more early 50’s (could be 40s, really, when I look at the beads) but there are some plastic jewels glued on somewhat crudely and they look like they were made in the 60s….This is pretty much my favorite color…It’s a gorgeous coral pink and the design is just lovely!

This is very different, but close to the same color of pink (which I LOVE!)…This is kinda frumpy and weird , but I still like it! Worn to the side with the right hairdo, the ribbons and flowers don’t look too granny-ish…In fact, I recently came across a photo of a popular modern pin-up girl modeling one of her dress creations and she was wearing a very similar hat! She’s so young and lovely that it took the granny right out of this style! Good for her!

Here’s a favorite winter hat. I haven’t worn this in awhile, but I love it. The little balls have rhinestones embedded in them. Simple, chic and lovely! It’s a very nice color of white. There’s just a touch of ivory to it….

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  1. Allee Willis

    So sorry I didn’t post this sooner. I didn’t mean to drop this series. My knee must’ve affected my head. Anyway, back to your hats….

    Coral is one of my favorite colors as well. What’s the fabric of the hat? Is it felt? I like the little pink stones in the beading. And the cutouts on top are insane. I really like how the little beads crawl into the crevices on top. And the cut of the hat on that profile shot is absolutely fantasic. Such a sweeping piece of design.

    The ribbon one with the flowers is completely insane. Another one that Audrey Hepburn was born to wear. I don’t think it’s grumpy and weird at all. Though I could see someone who would have played an older woman in a Doris Day movie and who was married to a president of a bank wearing it as well.

    I really like the last one too but the first two shades of pink have stolen my heart.

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  2. windupkitty

    Well, I’m so glad and relieved you apologized! I was holding a HUGE grudge and was afraid I’d have to leave the awmok in a huff! :D (Hey, I’m lucky to be here at all! If ya never post another one of my things, I’d still be happy!) I hope your knee is doing MILES better and of course, that if it is still affecting your head, it’s in some good way!

    Yeah, I don’t feel like I can ever go wrong with pink, ya know?! And, yeah, Audrey Hepburn could have made that flower hat look amazing, which is why I look just like the banker’s wife you describe or an escaped mental patient when I wear it…I’m more of a Totie Fields; my fairygodmother must have been a little drunk when I put in my order…I’m OK with that though….:D