8 Responses to “Androgynous Fiddle Chick”

  1. Allee Willis

    I LOVE decorations like this. Actually, Easter chicks, no matter what they’re made out of, are among my favorite decorations of all time. This is just about the best one I’ve ever seen!

    I, of course, love that the $16.99 price is firm. Artists should always be confident of the value of their work.

    I’m very impressed at the chick’s beak. I also love that those fat, contoured pipe cleaners were used as the arms while regular pipe cleaners accent everything else. I love the big chunky chick legs, the hat is adorable and belongs in windupkitty’s hat collection. What kills me most of all though is that flat paper fiddle, accompanied by the foil paper bow tie. This crafter knew their materials inventory well.

    If I were only to have one chick this Easter it would probably be Androgynous Fiddle Chick.

  2. Mooshe

    I am so SO impressed by that beak! Carving Styrofoam like that is difficult… and messy. To make that kind of mess is some real dedication. I’m also impressed by the paint choice because I’m seen way too many styrofoam crafters use the wrong paint and get puny, pitted styrofoam in the process. When I go to these craft malls I usually want to leave little notes behind complimenting the booth-owners on their extra-delightful things. Perhaps buying at a firm price is the ultimate compliment in this case.

    I hope this is a good sign of things to come for Easter, because last Easter did not have this type of kitsch in it for me. Yet I’m getting ahead of myself– there are two really kitschy holidays to enjoy first.

    • Mooshe

      St. Patrick’s Day! Not nearly as ridiculous as Valentines, but then there’s stuff like this: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_4K8hrTk_cPY/S6Dh9EvmZ1I/AAAAAAAADSU/B2NWQmcgIoo/s400/st-patricks-day-dog.jpg

      Mall as in “permanent flea market meets Cracker Barrel without the country biscuits.” They use words like “antique accents” to describe it so I always assumed it was super boring. Half of it is with the type of country crafts you make with this fabric (http://www.jandofabrics.com/Uploads/Sized/2794_full.jpg) but the other half is pure weirdness. The good crafts are mixed in with the “antiques” that aren’t boring lamps or desks but just weird cups, records and statues. It’s apparently 24,000 square feet. Ridiculous!

      • Allee Willis

        How on earth could I have forgotten St. Patrick’s Day?! And that photo of the dog dressed up as a leprechaun is fantastic!

        I’m the least likely traveler in the world but with a description like “permanent flea market meets Cracker Barrel without the country biscuits” I’m ready to look for my suitcase.

          • Allee Willis

            Right in my own backyard! I’m keeping a folder of things to do in Detroit if I end up with any free time at all. In addition to conducting my high school band and probably some of The Color Purple at the Fox, I’m also aattending rehearsals at the high school, speaking at the high school, giving the closing keynote speech at a three-day conference about the rejuvenation of Detroit, and taking a zillion meetings about something Lily Tomlin and I can do together on a permanent basis there. But, trust me, if I have any free moments at all I’m hitting every thrift, flea, fair, store or whatever people tell me is good there.

            • Mooshe

              Aaaah, those kids are in for such a treat. I’m figuratively using the new jealous button on them.

              Detroit rejuvenation is so exciting. I feel so excited hearing about it, and hearing about who’s getting involved. Part of me loves the idea of becoming young blood in the process, but then I run into this problem where I don’t like driving. In a city of cars I haven’t figured out how to reconcile that yet.