Submitted by k2dtw February 2nd, 2011
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Pee Wee had/has incredible collectibles.   This is the great Pee Wee Lunch Pail and Thermos from 1987…
I loved the Playhouse when it was on TV…so thrilled when I heard it was going to Broadway!!!
This is so cool….turn up your volume!!!

4 Responses to “…THEN WHY DON’T YOU MARRY IT”

  1. Allee Willis

    Paul and I were best friends for many many years. I just spent last night with John Paragon, who co-created the show and was/is Jambie, Lynne Stewart who was/is Miss Yvonne and Prudence Fenton, who was the animation and special effects director on the show, created Penny and was one of the voices of the flowers in the flower box. She’s also an aKitschionado here, Snappy P. (Denny did a “House Of Pudence” series on her house.) We all went to see Wayne White, who was the main puppeteer on the Playhouse and also the voice of Randy and a few other characters. I’ll be posting some photos in a few days.

    Also, don’t know if you know that Paul and I cut a record together in 1985, “Big Adventure”. It was a limited edition picture disk and shows up on eBay every other month or so. We also did a video together but that was never released because of some contract conflict. You can see a photo of us that was in Life magazine as well as the front of the picture disk here: http://peeweesplayhouse.tumblr.com/search/allee

  2. windupkitty

    yeah, this was one of the best shows ever, in the history of the universe…i still have a lot of my pee wee stuff (the blanket form jc penny’s, at least a box of trading cards and sticker, etc etc etc….) My true treasure though is the record Allee mentioned (Big Adventure) signed by the QoK herself!!!!